Building Maintenance Ministry

At LFT- Team of individuals who are willing to keep the house of the Lord clean and proper honoring God’s presence.

  1. Monitor and maintain facilities and property with safety as the highest priority. This includes HVAC, plumbing, electrical, lighting, water, snow removal and other mechanical systems.
  2. Keep the buildings and property clean, attractive, well-maintained and energy efficient.
  3. Purchase and maintain a cost-effective inventory of cleaning, paper, lighting and repair supplies which includes monitoring prices to ensure economic purchases.
  4. Ensure a proper environment, including temperature, ventilation and accessibility which require preventative maintenance and reasonable anticipation of foreseeable problems.
  5. Assess, schedule and implement solutions for repair issues based on maintenance staff abilities, budget concerns, timing and priorities.
  6. Assist vendors and contractors hired to provide maintenance, repairs and inspections.
  7. Communicate with staff regarding facility scheduling and use.
  8. Set-up rooms in the manner and time frame requested.
  9. Maintain records and logs required for maintenance, insurance